Aaron Hernandez's Wife a

Did Aaron Hernandez’s Wife Get Any Money After His Arrest?

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, the fiancée of the late NFL player Aaron Hernandez, has faced numerous financial challenges and legal battles following his arrest and subsequent conviction. Despite these difficulties, she did receive some financial support intended for their daughter, Avielle.

Financial Support from NFL Pension and Social Security Benefits

After Aaron Hernandez’s death, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez began receiving money from his NFL pension and Social Security benefits. These funds were allocated to cover the living expenses of their daughter, Avielle. However, the management of these funds has been the subject of controversy and legal scrutiny. Reports indicate that significant amounts were spent on personal expenses, leading to disputes with the court-appointed trustee overseeing the trust fund​ (Peoplemag)​​​.

Sale of Aaron Hernandez’s Assets

In addition to the pension and Social Security benefits, Jenkins-Hernandez legally sold Aaron Hernandez’s North Attleboro, Massachusetts home for $1 million. This sale was part of managing the estate and securing financial stability for her daughter. However, this action also came under legal examination as part of the broader financial oversight involved in managing Hernandez’s assets​.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez

Legal Battles and Controversies

The financial support for Avielle has been marred by legal battles over the appropriate use of the funds. Jenkins-Hernandez faced accusations of mismanaging the trust fund, with claims that large sums were spent on personal luxuries rather than on necessary expenses for her daughter. This led to a motion by the trustee to have Jenkins-Hernandez removed as the conservator of the trust, citing excessive spending on items like clothing, home goods, and unexplained ATM withdrawals​.

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Lawsuit Against the NFL

Following Aaron Hernandez’s posthumous diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), Jenkins-Hernandez filed a lawsuit against the NFL on behalf of their daughter. The lawsuit sought compensation for the impact of Hernandez’s brain condition on his life and career. However, a judge ruled in 2019 that they could not pursue the $20 million lawsuit due to a missed deadline from 2014​​.

Current Status

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez continues to raise her daughter, Avielle, and has since welcomed another child with her new partner, Dino Guilmette. Despite the financial and legal challenges, she remains focused on providing for her children and maintaining stability in their lives​.

While Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez did receive financial support following Aaron Hernandez’s arrest and death, the management and use of these funds have been fraught with legal challenges and controversies. The sale of assets and the ongoing legal battles highlight the complexities involved in managing the financial legacy of a high-profile athlete under such tragic circumstances.